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Fully configurable web filtering that works.

Protect your loved ones

Use InFilter to easily create the Internet you want your family, friends or students to have. Nothing more, nothing less.

How it works

InFilter lets you configure what’s called a “whitelist”, a list of sites that you want to allow. These sites will work 100%, and all other parts of the Internet will not be accessible.

InFilter is easy to setup and configure, get started today!

Advantages over other web filters

Infilter The others
Block what you block Always Often Unreliable
Ability to bypass filter Difficult* Varies
Sites you allow work properly Always Prone to Break

*With use of Firefox or Chrome Policies, see our help page for more details.

InFilter lets you choose exactly what to allow, nothing more, nothing less. It also is very difficult to disable. You are in control!

Get started

Three simple steps to get started:

  1. Sign up for InFilter
  2. Download Firefox or Chrome browser
  3. Install the Firefox InFilter extension or Chrome InFilter extension & add your plugin key
    • You can find your plugin key on the settings page of the InFilter website

Do more

Check out our help page for more information, including how to completely setup a locked-down laptop with InFilter installed!