InFilter is a Firefox extension that allows you to configure the sites that can be accessed.

The Story Behind InFilter

Girl on Computer InFilter was originally created as an extension for use in my home. I wanted to allow my children to have unsupervised access to the websites they needed for their schoolwork and entertainment, so that I didn't need to be keeping an eye on them. Exposure to illicit content, which is a few keystrokes away, can cause lasting changes to the brain that can be difficult to reverse, and can cause struggles with addiction or identity for life.

At first, we were using Google’s Chrome Supervised Users tool to control access to certain sites. However, this tool was discontinued by Google, leaving me with no way to control what my children could access. I looked for alternatives, but found none. In order for blocking to work effectively, it needs to be done in the browser. Modern websites load resources from a variety of hosts, so host-based blocking, which is available in some routers was also not going to work. For example, I want my younger children to be able to access Khan Academy, which has embedded YouTube videos, but I do not want them to be able to access YouTube directly.

So, with no other options available, I set out to write my own extension for Firefox. Why Firefox? Firefox allows for the locking down of the browser interface so that extensions cannot be disabled or changed. I’m not aware of any other browsers supporting that function at this time. Also, Firefox is a fast, open-source browser that values user privacy.

What InFilter Can Do For You

The Future

In the future, we plan to add additional features, such as:

If you have a suggestion for improvement, mail us at care@infilter.net.