Suggested Firefox Policies for Policy Templates

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Firefox offers Policy Templates that allow you to restrict what can be done with the Firefox browser installed on a given system.

Quick Install

OS Install
Linux Download policies.json and copy the file into firefox/distribution, where firefox is the installation directory for firefox, which varies by distribution. On Linux, this is commonly /usr/lib/firefox/distribution
Mac Download policies.json and copy the file into ` |
Windows Download policies.json and create a directory called distribution where the EXE is located and place the file there


Below you will find the policies we find Important to use with InFilter, and some Optional Policies that we also recommend, but are not essential to the use of the InFilter tool.

Important Policies

Policy Setting Purpose
BlockAboutAddons true Block extension settings, which would allow disabling InFilter
BlockAboutConfig true Block browser configuration, which could allow many changes that could break or bypass InFilter
BlockAboutProfiles true Prevent creation of additional user profiles
DisableForgetButton true Sites should not be forgotten; they should be able to be reviewed
DisablePocket true Pocket can pop up content that you may not wish users to see
DisablePrivateBrowsing true Block private browsing, which would allow for bypass of InFilter
DisableProfileImport true Profiles would allow bypass of InFilter
DisableProfileRefresh true Disables Firefox being reset
WebsiteFilter "Block":"*" Disables Firefox addons store
Extensions "Locked":["{30cee038-f738-4628-aa89-53b1fd34051c}"] Prevents InFilter Uninstall

Optional Policies

Policy Setting Purpose
BlockAboutSupport true Block troubleshooting information, not needed
DisableMasterPasswordCreation true Disable creating of a master password, not needed
DisableFirefoxAccounts true Firefox accounts are not needed in most cases
EnableTrackingProtection Value:true, Locked:true Enable and lock tracking protection

More Policy Info

For the full list of Firefox policies, see mozilla/policy-templates on github.